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Update September 19th: Tested PCB assembly service

Five Asgard PCB in a row

We can coordinate our efforts with you to produce a small batch of DIY Asgard Air Data Computers/Units. The units will be shipped tested and ready to go.

  • Estimated cost per unit is NaN EUR / NaN USD + Shipping Cost
  • The cost will be lowered as the batch size increases or new info is available
  • Deadline for participation submission is 1st October 2019
    • The current estimate for delivery is on February 2020

How to participate

Provide your availability to receive one Asgard ADC via email

Send you mail to adcdiy @

You will be contacted!

What is Asgard ADC

Asgard is an electromechanical device that must be coupled with a pitot-static probe and an outside temperature sensor to provide reliable speed and thermophysical information. Speed is measured relative to the wind, not to the ground as a standard GPS, so it’s useful in different scenarios. That information is used in airplane flight or in performance biking, it’s not the same to pedal upwind rather than downwind :-). Applications of Pitot measurements are multiple, from HVAC to Flow Metering. The ADC is a general purpose unit so can fit all the common scenarios and calculate general thermophysical data like temperature, pressure, density, and viscosity.

Asgard ADC internal

The unit can be used with third-party commercial probes but is widely tested with DIY Basic Air Data 8 mm Probe. The unit can be fitted with an external, solid state, temperature sensor.

Asgard ADC was released back in 2017. We performed on Hackaday in early 2018. A while after we released the Android control app Air Data Bridge. You find all the open software on GitHub, and it is pretty simple to customize the unit; You can program the microcontroller with the common, and well documented Arduino IDE, further the unit has a built-in command server. It is possible to read unit output using a microSD, a USB connection(real time), or a Bluetooth enabled device with or without the use of our custom free software.

A small gallery of Asgard applications

Supply content

The initial idea is to provide the Asgard ADC in the reference configuration. After receiving users feedback we will evaluate any modification.

At a glance

Tech links

Asgard ADC Specifications, Github Repository, Protocol description


This is not a commercial initiative and Basic air data is not a company. Collaborate at your own risk!

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