User tested 3D printed parts from Shapeways.

General Questions

  • What is your next project?
    The finality of Basic Air Data is to develop and share probes that can be built by the users; any support topic is welcome. If you are interested in this aspect consider to join or to contact us.
Pitot with cover on RC plane
8 mm pitot with cover on RC plane
  • Are you selling air data systems?
    No, it’s an open and free project.
  • Why Basic Air Data is open and free?
    The Basic Air Data online content is based on personal free work contributions.
  • How can I submit feature proposals and require general info?
    Use the contact information here and thank you!
  • How can I contribute?
    Report bugs, suggest features, write reviews and share. That’s a lot to us. If you want to shape the next to come Basic Air Data then consider to contribute.
  • My application or another Basic Air Data related content is not working properly, what I can do?
    We test everything. Still, the world is complex. Maybe there is a bug or there is a problem with your specific hardware. Contact Basic Air Data team and carefully report your issue. You can use the general contact channels. You will do a favour to all the Basic Air Data users!
  • What are the materials used for the Air Data Boom?
    Assembly of the Air Data Boom is not basic DIY. Welding is required so the selection of the used metal can be restricted by personals skills and equipment. Stainless steel can be fine for certain applications. We do not give the exact denomination of the sensor because many from different producers can fit. Each user can select the suitable rotary sensor, based on required performances and budget.

3D Print Hardware

  • Where to find the 3D print files?
    STL, ready to 3D print files, are provided for free. You find published files on our Github repo or through the specific article. If you don’t find what you are looking for just ask, maybe we’ve forgotten to publish the material.


  • I have a problem with an Android application, who should I contact?
    Contact details here.
    For GPS Logger, if possible, record a little track and send to us the GPX and/or the KML file. You can use the “share” in-app command from the tracklist.

Printed Circuit Board

  • Where to find the source EDA files for the PCBs?
    Search through the specific article. Kicad project files  and ready to print PCB files are provided for free. If you don’t find what you are looking for just ask, maybe we’ve forgotten to publish the material.

Pitot-Static and Pitot tubes

8 mm Pitot on Bike
  • How can I select the right pressure sensor range for my application?
    You should calculate at rough what differential pressure range you will measure at your sensor. You can use Equation P.2 for IAS and assume c=1. Otherwise, you can use this online calculator. Let’s pretend your application have a maximum airspeed of 100 km/h (or 27.7 m/s) and you want to use the online calculator. You simply follow the link and type in  27.7 as “Desired calibrated airspeed”, then you click on the submit button. You will read a “Differential pressure at specified airspeed [Pa]”  value of 470 Pa. So you will select a sensor that is able to handle pressures up to 470 Pa. You can use this online pressure converter to move across differents units of measurement.
Pitot on Bicyle
Pitot on Bicycle -=s=-
  • Can I use a Pitot probe on a bicycle?
    Yes, of course. It is up to you to check your local regulations. Remember to select the right sensor range. Right now we don’t have any dedicated probe but it is not excluded that in the future we will focus on this application. It seems it is a hot application for the Basic Air Data Pitot. The pitot cover seems hot too.
  • What is the c coefficient?
    Start from this short article Pitot-Static. Apart from maths that coefficient states in a different manner how the Pitot-Static probe behaviour departs from the ideal behaviour. The exact value of c depends mainly on airspeed, yaw angle, pitch angle and installation position.


  • What software is used by the project members?
    A lot of great free software. At a glance check this page out. You can freely download and use all the listed software packages.