If you are interested in publishing the probe 3D model in a neutral file format please read here.

Download general arrangement drawing PDF and vane assembly PDF here.
Please download the full set of pdf build plans here

For demanding telemetry or model identification applications the use of an appropriate air data boom is required, a DIY well tested design is here presented.

Angle of attack wind vane, or alfa beta drawings are available here.

The presented data boom can measure:

Figure 1: Miniature DIY Wind Vane detail, JLJ and GC 1 Counterweight, 2 Fin, 3 Main rotation shaft, 4 Bearings, 5 Potentiometer, 6 vane body

Angle of attack and angle of sideslip are measured by mean of a mechanical wind vane. The vane deflection is converted to a electronic signal by mean of angle sensor.

Figure 2: A render of Miniature DIY Wind Vane detail, JLJ and GC

The angle sensor can be a simple potentiometer or a performant, hall sensor based, rotation sensor.

Consult this page for details about sizing the vane. The drawing of the vane components are reported here below:

Details drawings regarding angle of attack vane are available here