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Thank you for considering Basic Air Data!

Basic Air Data activity encompasses ten years now. In such a period, we touched different applications and fields of knowledge. We are focused on air data and survey. As a project, we developed a website, software, hardware, mobile apps, and electronics.
The project is hobbyistic, and so all the economic induced dynamics are absent. We write content in English, or at least we try.

We can do a lot better under many aspects, from the web to video editing.
Here below you find a shortlist of different activities that can be carried out whit us, proposals are welcome. Contributions will be published freely on the web, and you choose what by-line to use.

List of different fields of contribution, after the first contact we work out the details of the tasks.

Project structure, how the project works

Broadly speaking, we don’t have a formal structure. So you will not find a project leader nor a development plan. We don’t even publish a general contributors page, but of course, we give credits to the contributors.

The actual contributors pass the project resources, access rights, and dedicated information to new contributors. Only a few people can modify the web site or push a repo with no restrictions. The one who created content and published it has the availability of al the resources. It’ìs crystal clear that core contributors donate necessary infrastructure.

The project is not following a business model. The modifications or new features are pulled by contributors, not from paying users.

Motivations, borrowed from Wikipedia

  • inclusionists – to expand the public’s access to all kinds of knowledge
  • deletionists – to restrict Basic Air Data to verifiable, and otherwise compliant information
  • disseminators – people with a mission to give the public an easy way to learn about a topic
  • accomplishment – the satisfaction of a job well done – it’s exceptionally demoralizing to people motivated by accomplishment to see their work trashed
  • process – enjoying watching as the wheels of Basic Air Data bureaucracy unfold. These are the kinds of people who arbitrarily choose topics to follow and improve (e.g. they work on an article they have no personal connection to)
  • dabblers/helpfulness – people who just want to help out a little, and maybe see what Basic Air Data is all about – these people really need (a) more courtesy towards newbies; (b) a radically better UI and process for understanding what to do, how to comply to the Wikipedia way.
  • the chase / miniprojects – there’s something addictive about checking in to see how things are changing and evolving – the “watch list” makes this possible
  • recognition – people who value the recognition, e.g., adding games, barnstars, and other measures of accomplishment support this motivation
  • powertrippers – people who appreciate the victories of editing – limitations on admin power try to curb these
  • rage – edit wars frequently show evidence of passion – proposals for “slowing down” try to curb rage-fueled edit wars
  • socializing – the talk and other discussion methods of Basic Air Data are an important social life
  • fixers – need to put errors right and prevent people being misled
  • malice – Various nefarious motives leading to vandalism, spamming, etc.

Teaching materials and Education

Do you want to perfect a DIY and Open instrument? Do you need material for your classroom? Anyway, Contact us!


Editor, Proofreader, Content writer. You find in this GitHub repo some content that needs revision.


Android, C++, Arduino/Teensy, Java, firmware, see Github repositories


Design of air data computers, Probes, enclosures, simulation with Scilab, CFD, FEM

Graphic zone

Graphic: 3D, 2D, figures for articles, figures for docs, for 3D print, for simulation
Animation: 3D video
Video Editing

Web /Social

Forum management, Social Management

Basic Air Data