Thank you for considering Basic Air Data!

Basic Air Data activity encompasses ten years now. In such a period, we touched different applications and field of knowledge. We are focused on air data and survey. As a project, we developed a website, software, hardware, mobile apps, and electronics.
The project is hobbyistic, and so all the economic induced dynamics are absent. We write contents in English, or at least we try.

We can do a lot better under many aspects, from the web to video editing.
Here below you find a short list of different activities that can be carried out whit us, proposals are welcome. Contributions will be published freely on the web, and you choose what by-line to use.

List of different fields of contribution, after first contact we work out the tasks details.

Teaching materials and Education

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Editor, Proofreader, Content writer. You find in this GitHub repo some content that needs revision.


Android, C++, Arduino/Teensy, Java, firmware, see Github repositories


Design of air data computers, Probes, enclosures, simulation with Scilab, CFD, FEM

Graphic zone

Graphic: 3D, 2D, figures for articles, figures for docs, for 3D print, for simulation
Animation: 3D video
Video Editing

Web /Social

Forum management, Social Management

Basic Air Data