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Reference Configuration

Since it is possible to change some characteristic of the unit selecting different hardware, we propose a reference configuration. The reference configuration will have the following characteristics (complete hardware). This unit can determine True Airspeed, Mach number, Altitude, and common air properties from a pitot-static probe data and an outside air temperature probe.

Overall weight: 47 grams

Overall dimensions: Without push in fittings 66x41x24 mm; With push-in fittings 81x41x24 mm. Fixing tabs dimensions are equal to those of a standard servo

Assembly time: About 1.5 hours

Overall cost: 160 Eur (June 2017)

Power and Supply Current: Power to the ADC is supplied through a standard micro USB port, the same can be used to transfer data. The typical power source is a cell phone power bank

Ratings: Maximum measurable IAS @ standard conditions and 2\sigma.(106.13 \pm 0.53)m/s /382.06 km/h.(33.56 \pm 1.67)m/s /120.82 km/h. Raw sensor Range (-1,+1) Psi. Sample speed 50 Hz (user selectable). Altitude, ISA (<4000, \infty) MSL. Raw sensor Range (0, 160000) Pa. Sample speed 50 Hz (user selectable). Uncertainty 2\sigma, 0.056 m @ 50 MSL and 0.064 m @ 1000 MSL

Bluetooth: Present, usable with a custom library to interact with an Android phone

Micro SD Card Reader: Present, micro SD Card 4GB

Temperature measurement: Present, uncalibrated typical 2 deg accuracy

DIY Resources

Assembly of ADC Asgard


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