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That is very exciting! We’ve been working on an air data computer for an F104 Starfighter (la bara volante in Italian) RC model. The model was built by Daniele a friend RC Modeler from Brescia.

Marinefliegergeschwader 1 M FL. G1 Geschwader Jagel [bei Schleswig] Marine F104G (Starfighter)

As you know, the full-scale plane has a long story. It seems the last one retired from active duty flown in Italy in 2004.

In particular, we are working on a semi-scale reproduction of a Cameri Tiger meet 1988 airplane.

The air data equipment build started with the design of a semi-scale Pitot tutbe.


We also personalized an Asgard ADC for the F104. We packed all the hardware nicely in an aluminum case.

All the stuff packed and ready for integration test

After some local test of the hardware, we fly to Brescia for a hardware integration test. It works! 🙂

Pitot mounted on the nosecone

By far nothing to report, we are looking forward to the test flight! For sure there is plenty of room for avionics within the canopy 🙂