Update: follow up the brainstorming evolution here.

After some private testing with multi-holes probes, it seems time to design and release a new air data system.

During the winter period fly activities are slacken, so it’s appropriate to look back to the project and recollect ideas for brand new Do-It-Yourself oriented designs.

Regular contributors are well aware of this opportunity. Rookies are welcome. Of course, this activity continues all the year round

To make a long story short, we need to design the requirements for a multi-hole probe and the correspondent air data computer. The hardware should be simple to assemble and build, at a DIY level. We will evaluate the modular approach, is it possible to provide the same base hardware for Pitot-Static probes and multi-hole probes?

The new participants can enter in touch with us on Github or using another alternative channel.
We will post progress on Github. If you are in the mood to do some proofreading send us a message, it’s easy to see we need a hand 🙂

Any advice is welcome!


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