Asgard ADC first requirement was for a stand-alone unit. Speaking about Radio-Control aircraft, that requirement was thought to avoid the electrical connection between the Asgard and the primary RC radio electronics. Without a galvanic connection between those units, the primary RC electronics is tolerant of severe Asgard electrical issues. I have to say that to date, we have no report of such severe problems with Asgard ADC. Downlink management is left to the user. Some team members used Zigbee modules with USB dongles.

It’s time to add a standard solution for the mid-range data link

So, what about implementing a standard solution? We need to select cheap as possible, and easily sourceable components. The first though went to Digi Xbee3 modules(ISM band). This unit can be hooked up with a USB dongle and relay all the input it receives to the other paired device. The range of the data link should be around 1000 m.

Continue to use Air Data Bridge App to log data on the ground

To facilitate the user, we see more convenient to provide also a Bluetooth interface to the downlink data. In such a way, the user may continue to use Air Data Bridge application. Of course, we need to add a rudimental ground station able to manage the downlink and the Bluetooth connection.

So what is the final solution?

Right now we are on a preliminary phase, feel free to contact us or leave your feedback here below.