This is a short note on IRC Chat for the BasicAirData collaborators


Without installing any software you can access the Internet Relay Chat clicking this link here.

To chat about our project we use the IRC channel #BasicAirData on

Server: port 6667  /
Channel: #BasicAirData

There are different free clients available for different Operating Systems and for mobile devices. With Windows OS you can use, for example, the free client Xchat.
Under Linux/Windows you can use Xchat.
Under Mac OS is available Colloquy.

Refer to the manual/tutorial of your specific client for a detailed description. Generally you need to set the server name to with the port value to 6667. You will need also choice a nick name, no password is required.

Without using a GUI you can issue the following commands to access the channel.


/nick new-nickname

/join #BasicAirData

Registration of your nickname is not necessary at all, if you want to register your nickname you can follow this procedure.