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Android Resistance Temperature Detectors

Figure 1 – The  Air Properties App interface

Find in this link the GitHub repository, free source available for download.

We have just released a new update of the BasicAirData Resistance Temperature Detectors App. RTD Privacy Policy.

This application can be useful during an Outside Air Temperature probe use.
App’s features:
  • Calculation of temperature from resistance measurement
  • Full reference of used calculation algorithms online available in this link
  • Compatible with Android 2.2 and above

The app can handle any type of sensor that follow the Callendar-Van Dusen equation, for example (PT stands for platinum) PT100, PT250, PT500, PT1000. Not matter what is the element type; wire-wound, thin-film or ceramic they all are good.
For the calculation of negative temperatures an iterative gradient method is used, precisely the Newton method is implemented. It’s possible for the user to specify the desired convergence value on the main application screen. Is to be noted that the algorithm usually converges in four iterations, with a set convergence interval of 1/1000, so required resources and execution time are contained.
Used coefficients of the Callendar-Van Dusen are:
C=-4.183e-12, C=0 when temperatures are greater than zero °C.
Coefficients are compatible with EN60751, ITS-90 specifications and similar standards.

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Figure 2 – QR-Code for download