Quick facts

  • We need translators and proofreader for GPS Logger App translation
  • The official translation website is on Crodwin
  • We need also to create new social pages dedicated to users in local languages


Right now (2021-12) we have exceeded 100000 downloads of the GPS Logger application from the Google play store. Hard to admit but we don’t expect so much feedback from the GPS’s users community.

The translation is carried out on the Crowdin website. As you can see from the Crowdin website, many languages are not yet been released because the translation needs to be translated and held by a proofreader.

If you are interested in providing support on GPS Logger translation, please enter in contact on the translation page on Crowdin

To do more for the user

GPS Logger app is available in different languages, support and social is available in English. Are you willing to create or collaborate to build a Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Other social for GPS Logger in your language?

Contact us right now!