Starting from v3.1.4, The main activity of GPS Logger can be driven by hotkeys.

The user can send hotkeys to the app using an external keyboard (for example a Bluetooth external physical keyboard), but also using a task automation app.

An app of this type, for example, when detects a connection with your car, can start GPS Logger and begin the recording of a new track; when the connection with the car is lost, it can automatically stop and finalize the track.

Here below the complete list of hotkeys:

  • R = Start recording
  • P = Pause recording
  • T = Toggle recording ON/OFF
  • A = Request an annotation (with input dialog)
  • Q = Request a quick annotation (without input dialog)
  • S = Stop recording (with finalizing dialog)
  • X = Stop recording and finalize the track (without dialog)
  • E = Open the Settings page
  • 1 = Show the GPS FIX Tab
  • 2 = Show the TRACK Tab
  • 3 = Show the TRACKLIST Tab

We are open to implementation of additional hotkeys, anyone can propose the implementation of a new one by opening an issue on GitHub.