We got hooked on this forum. The author is building his autopilot, software, and airframe. It is a build log, so the reader is exposed to many issues and fixes. A Teensy 3.6 board is plugged into the flight controller (the same board we used on Asgard ADC). The project is not anymore at the initial stage.


From the forum

What I will be covering:
– Models for 3D printed plane and ground station pieces
– Custom software files for both ground and air microcontrollers
– Circuit schematics and PCB layouts
– Equipment required/used
– Pictures/videos/general updates

Power_Broker, Experimental Arduino RC Plane Build Log

The author gathered wind tunnel data and shares a lot of pictures and information. Lately, he published ArdUAVAPI, a freely available UAV library.

ArdUAV is a new and comprehensive Arduino library to make programming your own custom fixed wing UAV easier than ever. With as few as 50 lines of code, you can access flight critical data and call all the necessary functions to command control surfaces within your own sketch. This gives you the functionality of other “off the shelf” autopilots, but also offering access to low level data (i.e. latitude, longitude, elevator servo angle, etc) through a more intuitive interface.


Definitively rare material, for sure worth a visit.

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