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We are happy to work with people from the open source community. The primary language of the website is English, so contribution should be in English. We will not publish any commercial article nor any paid content. We will be delighted to review your pitch article; please do not send us sales pitches. You should be the author of the submitted article, let us know if you published the same material elsewhere.


Related to basic air data measurement, post-processing, and support topics. Check out this two indexes of previously published posts, projects and knowledge center.

Document formats

.txt, .odf, .doc,.docx . Content formatting is unrelevant. Open formats are welcome.


All the material will be published under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY 4.0). The article will contain your byline but can be anonymous or under your nickname.

Writing and Style notes

Word count

Unrelevant, usually between 400 and 1200.


Images should be of good quality, let’s say wider than 1080 px. Each article will come along with a lead image.


We will do copy edit and check for any issue. An already thoroughly proof-read article will expedite the publication process.

Notes on formulas

More info on LaTeX format in the QuickLaTeX page.

General style and formatting

It is not necessary to use a particular style or formatting; we will format the article for the web publication.