So you have downloaded and installed the application ‘GPS Logger’ on your phone and recorded some ‘Placemarks’ and/or ‘TrackPoints’.

In the example below, I recorded a short walk from my house to pub (in settings, I changed ‘collecting density’ to 1 meter) putting a Place Marker at the start and end of the walk.


1. Share the *.gpx data that you have just recorded with your computer by clicking on it and then clicking ‘Share with ā€¦’.

2. Open QGIS on your computer.

3. If not already installed, install the ‘GPS Plugin’.

4. Click [Vector / GPS / GPS Tools] to open the ‘GPS Tools’ dialogue box.


5. Browse to your *.gpx file and click OK.


6. Your route is displayed. The ‘Placemarks’ are shown in green and ‘TrackPoints’ are shown in red.


7. You now need to add a base map. As I am from the UK, I use Ordnance Survey and their ‘OS MasterMap’.


Chris Price, UK

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