Library for basic air data calculations  0.5b
AirDC Member List

This is the complete list of members for AirDC, including all inherited members.

AirDC(int pid)AirDC
CalibrationFactor(int mode)AirDC
CAS(int mode)AirDC
CorrectDp(int SensorID, double DpMeas)AirDC
IAS(int mode)AirDC
ISAAltitude(int mode)AirDC
Mach(int mode)AirDC
OAT(int mode)AirDC
OutputSerial(int mode)AirDC
PitotCorrection(int mode)AirDC
Red(int mode)AirDC
RhoAir(int mode)AirDC
TAS(int mode)AirDC
Viscosity(int mode)AirDC