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    The Asgard Air Data Computer is working fine. We modified a lot the firmware and this summer we should be posting a radio control focused application review. We published the Air Data Bridge code, an Android app to interface with the Air Data Computer. For the upcoming first stable release, we will simplify the firmware upload procedure.

    In the meantime, we give you the possibility to provide feedback about the desired features for the next release of the Air Data Computer.



    Basic Air Data

    Distributed Vs Centralized ADCs

    Here there is some material for thought by the team.

    Our current design is centralized and self-contained (sometimes self-aware too :-). One ADC elaborates sensor data and sends out the measurements via a serial stream; all the sensors are within the ADC. That is working fine. However, we’ve found interesting and positive some aspect of the distributed approach (Nice reading Smart probes make sense).
    If we remove the pneumatic connection in favor of a bus electrical connection, we may have a positive impact on overall system complexity and performances. When we eliminate the pneumatic lines, we eliminate the need for routing and complex(on the complete assembled system) leak testing. At the same time, we dramatically increase the dynamic performances of our probes (, the shorter the piping, the better). Another positive aspect is that we can use every sensor capable to interface with the selected bus connection, which expands the list of suitable hardware.

    One natural extension of a microcontroller board seems to be the I2C/SPI bus. I2C appears to work within a few meters range. In short time we will carry out some test. Another crucial aspect is the selection of the physical connection, are an RJ 11 connector and a flat cable usable? Any other cheap and widely available solutions?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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