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We found by luck this blog, Erik exchanged some words on the socials with the author Curtis Olson. It’s excellent stuff. If you want to see serious hardware and software at work this the right (and almost unique) place to go. 



Details are not filtered in any way, it’s lovely to browse through the media. As an example, I report to you the picture one of the two alfa/beta vanes that are mounted on an experimental airplane by Olson. Original comment by Olson is ” …Mass properties and moments of inertia are being carefully recorded prior to flight in the lab. Individual control surface deflections will also be recorded with potentiometers mounted in each hinge. In addition, we will be recording imu, gps, pilot inputs, and attitude estimates with a 15-state kalman filter…” . I stress on this point, Olson is using a math model for the plane so it is possible to use advanced control techniques too. It is not to be confused with the easier approach that leads to the use of PID controllers tuned by trial and error.




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Hackerspace/Fablab, Maker spaces near to you

We’ve been reported many times that in some regions it is difficult to access to the correct tools to finish Pitot related hardware. For example, to drill the static ports of the 8 mm Pitot proven to be challenging for a certain number of people. Well, that sucks!

To relief the situation, we ask some information. If any of you know that in his region there is a specialized space for makers that have the correct tools then please contact us and we will happy to share the information with other makers.

The easier way to do so is to use our socials or our mailing list.


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Files sent out for production

The ADC project is evolving at a fast pace, we are approaching the prototype test phase. The enclosure and the PCB have been sent out for manufacturing. It is possible for the user to select among different hardware configurations.

Tested Bluetooth modules

  • BlueSmirf 
  • HC-05/HC-06

Pneumatic connection to ADC

  • Snap-in for 4 mm OD plastic pipe
  • Barbed connection for silicone tubing 2-4 ID diameter


Basic Air Data Team


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Version 1.0.5 of bluetoothhelper has been released on #bintray

Picture by John Keates

Following an amazing feedback, the Bluetoothhelper library has been published online under a Maven/Gradle form. That will allow a faster integration within your project, the library is general purpose.

You find the latest release here


The library is the same that is used to interface with the Air Data Computer, it maintains his open and free nature.

Just add to your code 

compile 'eu.basicairdata:bluetoothhelper:1.0.5'


Library published on Maven Central too.

The code for inclusion is:


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