Fly Test : Asgard Air Data Computer

On Sunday 27th May we tested a SkyEye equipped with an Asgard Air Data Computer and an 8 mm Pitot-Static probe, no mishaps to report. To interface with the ADC, we used the Android Air Data Bridge application. Weather and company were lovely, and wind rarely exceeded ten kph. We took the occasion to shoot pictures and clips, we will post an informal review as soon as possible. So far so good 🙂

Along with the photos, we will post the air data recorded during the flights.

A special thank you, in alphabetical order,  to GC, MT, and JLJ!

Basic Air Data Team

(Review here)

Seven years passed since the first open release of the basic 8 mm Pitot-Static tube ESP-00!

Air data measurement using do-it-yourself material has been the obsession of Basic Air Data Project since the very beginning.  How to simplify a well-proven design to be useful for makers? Seven years ago we released to the internet a straightforward design for a pitot-static tube, along the time we also published fixation flanges, ADCs, and accessories.

Over the years some design failed miserably, others worked lovely. Different probes variants have been manufactured and customized by students and makers around the globe; that make us proud and strong.

Thank you to all our contributors and users!