Time for review.
Asgard Air Data Computer and Pitot-Static probes seem to perform well. As usual, we are planning a brainstorming for the winter holiday session.

During the last months, we’ve got some thought about the used sensors and about how to implement an air data computer that can directly handle a multi-hole probe, let’s say a five-hole probe. To make a long story short we need to redesign a bit the hardware to accommodate a higher number of sensors.

It’s important to focus on the availability of components and maintain the DIY approach, assembly should stay feasible with a low number of tools.

As we will redesign the hardware from scratch this will be a good occasion to address user-reported issues.

Anyone interested in this project can reach us on the ADC Github repo or contact us via the standard channels. As usual, all the material produced will be released to the net.

Basic Air Data Team

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